begins with a plan

We design strategies, build relationships and tell brave stories. Our passion is people and the planet.
photo by zoe rain

aaron straight

creative director | principal

Aaron Straight’s mission is to use the power of storytelling for people and the planet.

For more than 2 decades across 5 continents, Straight has written, directed, and produced 100’s of global stories and campaigns. Trained as a writer and known as a filmmaker, Straight is inventive and strategic in his use of both classic storytelling and non-traditional tools that entertain, inspire, and move people to action.

Aaron Straight surrounds himself with an ALLSTAR crew of brave storytellers.

Straight is honored to have worked with dozens + dozens of amazing clients.

Clients List


  • Filmmaking
  • Original Content
  • Branded Storytelling
  • Art / Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Music Composition
  • Scriptwriting


  • Creative Direction
  • Campaign Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Event Creative
  • Social Media
  • Consulting
we became storytellers for people + the planet
we create original storytelling series
we write, direct and execute cool branded content (we call stories)
we dream memorable event creative within your budget
we love to find great characters (we call them people)
we follow the story
we tell stories through any + all available mediums
we live in the pnw and love to tell stories about life in nature
we believe in the process + magic happens with hard work
we partner & fundraise for people + the planet
we believe in the power of conservation storytelling
we treat people with respect, build relationships and that's often when the best stories emerge
we tell brave stories (even when we are peeing our pants just a little)
Even with a small crew we get the interview, the B-roll & a photo that tells a story
We know that strategy is the science behind the art of storytelling
We love to tell stories about social enterprise and social inventors around the world

We are based in the magical Pacific Northwest. Say hello.