CHEF Software

Communication challenge/opportunity: We have been working with Chef for many years. This year, the CEO felt that he needed to reconnect with his community. He wanted them to see him for who he really is: cool. He also wanted to include and thank their customers. Chef has an incredible culture, and they have a lot of fun. It was important that the piece accomplish these goals while remaining true to their spirit, values, and sense of humor.

Goal: Make the CEO look cool, and thank existing clients around the world in an entertaining story that was on brand.

Strategy: Making the CEO look cool? No problem. He is cool. We just needed to figure out how to represent that visually. It turns out that he used to skate. So, we wrote an epic comedy that involved a grand (super-slow-motion skateboarding) entrance by the CEO. How to thank customers in a meaningful way? We devised a storyline that would require a world-wide journey to find and hug the company’s clients. The piece called HUGOPS is a nod to CHEF Software’s award-winning work in DEVOPS (it’s a tech thing… we can explain it if you like).

Results: The movie played for a standing-room-only crowd in Austin at the annual ChefConf and then played from Australia to South Africa and Amsterdam to London at events; now, years later, it lives online in continued infamy. Along with our many other projects for them, it is still referenced by the community each year.

From the infancy of a plan all the way through to post-production, Soulcraft is the collaborator of choice. Aaron’s grasp of our audience and telling stories that matter is unmatched. The reel results speak for themselves in the final videos.
— Nathen Harvey, VP of Community, Chef Software