Adidas & MatchMG


Communication challenge/opportunity: Adidas, partnering with Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers, was releasing a new shoe. They were throwing an insider’s event and wanted to share it with the world 24 hours later.

Goal: Shoot and edit a bad-ass event and release it to the world in 24 hours. 

Strategy: We worked with Galen McKamy to understand his vision for the event and then set up our cameras strategically to capture the widest range of action balancing shoe placement with authentic human moments (and cuteness). We also requested Damian’s new album Dame Dolla and used one of the title tracks as the soundtrack to the piece. 

Results: The spot helped launch a new line of Adidas shoes to the world!

In life, it’s rare to encounter a creative like Aaron.  A perfect blend of ego-less collaboration and unabashed creativity makes Aaron and Soulcraft extremely unique in a cluttered space of well-versed creatives.  Additionally, he possesses the gift of flawless communication.  Meaning, he can converse with a subject to draw out rich stories and insights previously untapped.  His ability to story-tell is unmatched in my opinion, and he and his team bring a special blend of visuals and post to make great stories, well, even greater.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Aaron and Soulcraft Allstars over the years on a number of different projects through a range of diverse clients.  Beyond bringing exceptional work to life, Soulcraft ensures seamless client communication and meets any and all deadlines thrown their way.  Working with this crew is a personal and professional perk, and I would highly recommend them to any brand or client who is in search of telling their perfect story. 
— Galen McKamy, Vice President - Creative Director, MatchMG

Damian Lillard Adidas live music performance with crowd