Amazon Kindle
& Amp Agency

Communication challenge/opportunity: Kindle could see that lots of readers did not understand the unique value of a reading device that contains access to endless books. They needed a way to illustrate that value in an authentic way.

Goal: To reach millions of readers that did not previously see Kindle as a dynamic tool and a better option than a traditional book.

Strategy: Working with our agency partner Tad Harmon, we devised a strategy of telling true stories of “reading heroes.” At first Kindle was hesitant to allow people to use their own voices and instead wanted to use a narrator, but once we illustrated the power and value of authentic voices, they were all in. Having already worked with David Risher for the Microsoft Alumni Foundation, we knew that his Worldreader program was a perfect story. We made it happen and told David’s amazing story in 60 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds.

Results: The campaign consisted of three stories, each reaching 8+ million views for a total project reach of 24 million views.

In my job I have the great pleasure of working with so many talented creative people. But when it comes to storytelling with video and finding a new level of depth in a story, no one is better than Aaron. Passionate, positive, creative… Aaron finds a way to connect emotionally and get the impossible written, directed, and produced.
— - Tad Harmon, Senior Creative Director + Principal, Amp Agency

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