Olson Kundig

Communication challenge/opportunity: World-famous architect Jim Olson was releasing his final book of works from around the world. He did not want to travel everywhere around the world for the book release. Olson Kundig also wanted to capture the essence of this remarkable artist and reach beyond strict architecture buffs to a more general audience that would appreciate Jim Olson as an artist.

Goal: To create a movie that would tell the story of Jim Olson and support the international sales of his book without requiring Jim to travel.

Strategy: Instead of making an architecture movie, we decided to make a portrait of an artist— unpretentious and grounded in Jim’s love of art, nature, and building. We decided to link it all to his first project, when he was 18 years old, and see how this “work shop” 50 years in the making inspired his work all around the world.

Results: The piece has screened from Seattle to NYC to London for adoring fans as well as people just discovering Jim’s genius. The campaign continues with no end in sight.


Aaron’s warmth brings out the best in people, and his curiosity is infectious. As a storyteller, he inspires us to question, to reflect, and to want to know more about the world. These are his superpowers. Together with his all-star collaborators, Aaron opens portals for audiences to peer into, revealing insights about people, places, causes, and adventures that we cannot help but fall into, wholeheartedly. Working with Aaron and his team was a heartfelt experience that we will never forget. We’re grateful for the care and precision he and his team brought to helping us tell our story.
— Gabriella Frank, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Olson Kundig