Testimonial #0

People often think of “storytelling” merely as creative expression, but it is so much more than that. In order to be truly impactful, storytelling must be driven by strategy. No one understands this better than Soulcraft Allstars, and that is why they are my go-to. The films they have created for our clients perform better because they are grounded in strategic thinking... Soulcraft Allstars’ unique approach.

— Allison Beadle Founder + CEO, WILD HIVE

Testimonial #1

I give the videos a “Siskel and Ebert” two thumbs up. Aaron, you are an artist in every sense of the word, fulfilling an appreciation for the passion within the raspberry with your vision on how to capture and convey those emotions. These videos (and the previous videos) are as much a reflection of you as the industry they represent. The growth in the breadth of your vision is apparent from the first to the most recent. You have drunk the Kool-Aid, and it shows!I look forward to being a part of our next projects, whatever they may be!

— Tom Krugman, Executive Director, National Processed Raspberry Council 

Testimonial #2

From the infancy of a plan all the way through to post-production, Soulcraft is the collaborator of choice. Aaron’s grasp of our audience and telling stories that matter is unmatched. The reel results speak for themselves in the final videos.

— Nathen Harvey, VP of community development, Chef Software

Testimonial #4

Aaron’s talent and collaboration have fueled the growing brand awareness and community impact of Seattle Foundation for many years.  Inspired by his creative and compelling work, people have become more generous, compassionate and invested members of our community.  His work has truly motivated community philanthropy and elevated it to news levels in Greater Seattle.

— Mary Grace Roske, Chief Brand Officer, Seattle Foundation

Testimonial #6

In my job I have the great pleasure of working with so many talented creative people. But when it comes to storytelling with video, and finding a new level of depth in a story, no one is better than Aaron. Passionate, positive, creative… Aaron finds a way to connect emotionally and get the impossible written, directed and produced.

— Tad Harmon, Senior Creative Director, AMP Agency

Testimonial #7

Aaron is an incredibly passionate story teller who focuses his resolve on telling stories that make a difference. His films are inspiring, emotive and invaluable for those organizations lucky enough to have him tell their story. Aaron’s films always have an impact on the viewer and having many times watched his intent on location I am never left any other way than impressed. He is an agent of positive change who I can’t recommend highly enough.

— Ryan Hogdson, Content Marketing Leader, Yesler

Testimonial #8

Always a pleasure generating creative sparks with Aaron... not only is he an incredibly talented filmmaker but he is also a compassionate human being who is doing it for all the right reasons. Aaron is super smart, makes things happen, and creates beautiful products in the process!

— Chris Morgan, Bear Biologist, Filmmaker, TV Host