Wild Hive

Communication challenge/opportunity: Our client represents food commodities such as mangoes, watermelons, and raspberries, to name just a few. They came to us several years ago about a raspberry problem: Consumers did not seem to know that raspberries are a specialty crop grown only in some amazing places by highly dedicated multigenerational family farmers. People often had the wrong idea about raspberries; they had a perception problem. In addition, the farmers often felt demoralized, and that led to their losing confidence in the value of their hard-grown crop.

Goal: To reach larger audiences with the values of the raspberry industry and improve both the outward perception of raspberries as well as the internal morale around what it means to be a raspberry farmer.

Strategy: We believed that if we could transport audiences through the right perspective, they could see the values of the industry first-hand, without our having to over-explain. We helped distill the key values: family owned, multigenerational, hard work, a special berry. Then we thought about what would make farmers proud. We couldn’t think of anything more powerful than seeing and hearing one’s own child describe her passion for being a raspberry farmer. After months of meeting farmers’ children, we found the perfect 5-year-old: proud, tough, and adorable. We created a mini-series about her life, in her voice, following the seasons.

Results: In a modest Facebook campaign, the series reached 1.7 million viewers and produced 12,000 engagements (the number of unique people who clicked, liked, commented on, or shared the post). The comments showed that people understood the message; many said they were going out to buy raspberries now. The movies are now being used at food and farming events throughout the region. Perhaps most important: the head growers cried when they watched this little girl’s passion for raspberries and personally shared it with their peers.


People often think of “storytelling” merely as creative expression, but it is so much more than that. In order to be truly impactful, storytelling must be driven by strategy. No one understands this better than Soulcraft Allstars, and that is why they are my go-to. The films they have created for our clients perform better because they are grounded in strategic thinking. We see better results, both quantitatively and qualitatively, because of Soulcraft Allstars’ unique approach.
— Allison Beadle, Founder + CEO, Wild Hive
child from Wild Hive saying “I think about the raspberries when they sleep,” wearing winter hat