Chris Morgan
& Wildlife Media

Communication challenge/opportunity: Chris Morgan has been a pioneer and an enlightened voice in the world of conservation for decades. At his live events around the world, Chris is incredibly inspiring to audiences. Chris wanted to reach more people with his message, “What’s good for bears is good for people and the planet.” But he cannot be everywhere to reach everyone.

Goal: To create a tool that could educate people of all ages and languages about bears all around the world.

Strategy: Working closely with Chris, we took his immense knowledge and helped write a script that would work best for the screen. Chris really wanted people of all ages and languages to understand his message. Director and co-writer Aaron Straight was determined to tell the story visually for every age and language so that if the sound was off, one could still follow the message. We decided that a mixed-media style would be ideal. Artist/illustrator Paul du Coudray and animator Miles Lippold created an animated world among the beautiful live-action footage of Emmy Award–nominated Director of Photography Joe Pontecorvo’s work. Film composer David Schommer wrote the score for the piece.

Results: This movie has been played hundreds of thousands of times online and translated into half a dozen languages. It is now being used in schools, national parks, and zoos all around the world.

Campaign: The film was a finalist at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.


Always a pleasure generating creative sparks with Aaron...not only is he an incredibly talented filmmaker, but he is also a compassionate human being who is doing it for all the right reasons. Aaron is super smart, makes things happen, and creates beautiful products in the process!
— Chris Morgan, Bear Biologist, BBC + Nature Channel Host