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Soulcraft was born out of love. Love of people. Love of the planet. Love of storytelling. We are reaching millions and raising millions across five continents telling authentic human stories that inspire your community to action. Why? Because this is what we love to do. Because this is our soul craft.

aaron straight

Senior Creative Director & Founder

Aaron Straight is a storyteller in awe of the world around him. For the last two decades across the USA, Africa, Haiti, Central + South America, and Europe, Aaron Straight has used the power of storytelling to inspire and activate people to protect our planet. Aaron’s films, photography, and prose have reached millions of viewers and helped raise well over $100 million for organizations that are changing the world. 

Most recently, Aaron wrote and directed a series of ocean health films on the Norwegian Sea in Iceland, rural Alaska, and coral reefs off the coast of Maui, filming with scientists, indigenous communities, SCUBA, and free divers.

Just over the last couple of years, Aaron worked on storytelling campaigns to promote sustainable seafood, dam removal, and carbon sequestration for several Native American and Native Alaskan Tribes. He has also worked on films and campaigns to promote environmental protection from the Caribbean to the Mississippi Delta. Aaron worked on conservation + humanitarian films in Haiti and food and farming films across the US and Mexico. 

For the film festival circuit, Aaron directed a series of films called Stories from the Salish Sea. Working alongside Coast Salish people, the Seattle Aquarium, and Chris Morgan (The WILD podcast), Aaron’s films took viewers underwater and across the sea to meet local leaders who are saving orca whales, salmon, and kelp highways. 

In Europe, Aaron recently served on a think tank of 39 peacemakers from 22 countries working on the role of art in Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). Locally, Aaron serves on the board of Paper Whale, a community art and placemaking project, working in partnership with local artists, civic leaders, and Coast Salish tribes. 

Prior to filmmaking, Aaron’s journey included writing for underground rave magazines, driving through every continental state, teaching snowboarding, creating arts education programs for schools; managing Grammy Award-Winning African musicians, and producing large-scale, in-person multimedia events on stages from Carnegie Hall to Seattle Center. 

Aaron spends his free time supporting live music, hiking, snowboarding, cooking, and paddling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his family + friends.

“We are storytelling animals. Nothing makes me more fulfilled than when we work + adventure alongside great people to tell powerful + beautiful stories that unite us.”

— Aaron Straight

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