Behind the scenes, free-diving in Maui for Woocheen.

storytelling is in our DNA. 

We go beyond storytelling to align your narrative with your CSR goals.

Whether it’s showcasing your social or environmental impact; our films foster pride and community.

At Soulcraft, you gain more than a film production partner; you gain an ally in creating meaningful change, with a disciplined understanding of the hero’s journey, human connections, and self-discovery.

our process.

We begin with three important questions: what do you want your audience to FEEL, REMEMBER, and DO? 

From there, we identify the most authentic story to help achieve those goals. 

Whether it’s campaigns, films, design, photography, animation, branding, podcasts, and/or websites, we use tools best suited for the audience, story, and budget. 

Go on the journey with us. This is an age-old tradition, just wrapped in modern tools. Warning: growth may occur.


Guided by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey framework, our discovery phase transcends mere listening. We engage with your team and stakeholders to uncover your core truths and challenges, setting the stage for a transformative strategy.


Drawing on the wisdom of Yuval Noah Harari’s insightful perspectives on human history and psychology, our strategic development is a blend of experience and understanding. We see not just the challenge but the vast narrative landscape in which your story unfolds. We believe that problems are opportunities.


Our creative process, informed by Hermann Hesse’s dedication to depth and authenticity, is designed to capture and elevate your unique voice and style, ensuring each narrative and visual truly reflects your brand’s essence and goals.


Our production journey is an odyssey that respects every land and culture we encounter. Across five continents, from the depths of the ocean to the peaks of Alaska, our global experience has taught us the art of being gracious guests, and the advantages of being prepared.



Utilizing Harari’s understanding of how and why humans work together, we tailor messages specifically for the people you want to reach. We design our stories for specific platform delivery rightsizing storytelling for all the opportunities from film festivals to events to social media, ensuring our collaborative creative efforts resonate deeply and effectively with your target audience.