aaron straight

Senior Creative Director & Founder

Founded in 2016, Soulcraft was born with a singular mission: to amplify the positive impact of business leaders who strive to do more than just profit – to truly make a difference. Our agency is a beacon for those in the world who wield their influence and power to ignite social change along with growth.

At Soulcraft, we harness the rigor and appeal of advertising to ensure that purpose-driven initiatives aren’t just executed but celebrated and emulated. We believe in creating a ripple effect of good through the recognition of meaningful corporate social work.

Our journey began with Aaron Straight’s experiences in the music industry, managing North American tours for overseas artists like King Sunny Adé and Youssou N’Dour. This is where he first encountered the transformative power of CSR storytelling. Witnessing the underrepresented efforts of Fair Trade Certified organizers in the coffee industry, Aaron was inspired to use film to help bring awareness to the young startup group. This led to the successful launch of the Fair Trade Certified brand through a compelling film campaign, setting the stage for what Soulcraft stands for today.

Now, Soulcraft is a collective force of talented strategists, technicians, and creators. Known as the Allstars, we are united in our goal to assist corporations in using business as a force for good – growing responsibly, reducing harm, and amplifying their positive footprint in the world. Join us in our mission to use the power of film and narrative to craft a better future.

“The Soulcraft team is creative, hard working, responsive and fun. I should also mention adaptability. Schedules and plans needed to constantly change due to evolving COVID restrictions. Soulcraft associates smiled, thought hard, and worked through the necessary changes.”

— Derek Long, Executive Director, Sustainable Connections

the allstars