How We Work

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Human beings have been telling stories since the dawn of time. Storytelling is perhaps the oldest art form, and millions of campfires later, we are still wired to learn through story. In fact, tell us a good story—one that acknowledges the depth and complexity of human experience—and we will give you permission to educate, inspire, and even change us.

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Good storytelling is still about telling the right story to the right crowd. Film is so powerful that it can be easy to forget that the power of storytelling remains rooted in the same tenets as it was around the campfire. It’s why we start by helping you expand and find your story… because you are too close to it.

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Your story is not the facts of what you do. It is the heart and soul of why you do what you do. It is how others will relate to you and celebrate your gift to the world. Sometimes stories grow in unexpected ways as they encounter challenges in the real world. Like us, they evolve and mature as they remain alive in the world.

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Who is meant to hear which story, and why? Consider carefully whose actions will advance your goals. Be specific. Identify the linchpins to your success, and we’ll tell a story that truly moves them. To understand their perspective and answer the questions they would ask, we put ourselves in their shoes.

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Imagine sitting with this group around the fire after telling your story. What do you want them to feel, remember, and do? Getting to the heart of your story will generate new insight. Which aspects of the story speak most directly to the change you seek to make?

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We craft a strategy for reaching your audience through film. Soulcraft helps you discern which aspects to focus on and helps translate them so your audience can relate. Once we know your story and your audience, we craft clear goals. It is our job to think about the audience that will help you achieve your goals and to tell them a story in a style and from a perspective that will move them.

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We help you see your audience—or, better yet, choose it. When you are telling a story or speaking in public, do you adjust your delivery based on the audience? Of course you do. If 6,000 six year olds will help you achieve your goals, we’ll entertain and educate them. If 12 angel investors are who you need—or 12 million music lovers—then we’ll tell a story that will move them.

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We construct a narrative and film it.
When we unlock your story, bringing all our skills to tell the perfect story to your desired audience, we unleash the power of filmmaking. The result is threefold: You learn some valuable things about your organization; you have a better means of talking about your goals; and you have a movie that expresses it all through the power of story.

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And your audience…

They’ll become people inspired to take action!


Our Process

What else can you expect as we work through the Discovery, Strategy and Story phases?



[For documentaries or SCRIPTING for non-documentary work] Sometimes a documentary-style commercial piece or a motion infographic or animated piece is most powerful. These media are most effective with a strong script. We use a unique technique of pre-interviewing inspiring subjects to create authentic scripts in their own words (edited only to fit 15-, 30-, or 60-second TV and social media time slots ). In documentary work, we create projected scripts that result in question sets designed to communicate critical subject matter in the voice of chosen subjects.



Everything must have a deadline. You are busy and we are busy. We plan the entire project backwards from the due date and clearly communicate when you will see rough cuts, fine cuts, and final cuts of each piece of media. This will help you plan and keep the project on schedule.



Before any filming ever happens, a lot of work has to be done. We make sure that all the conditions are set: location(s), crew, equipment, permits, characters, wardrobe—and back-up plans.


Once all the creative is agreed upon, characters are selected, and conditions for filming are advanced, we execute highly efficient filming days. We pride ourselves on tight crews that are fully prepared yet 100% ready to adapt. Ask around: it will be fun, and we’ll get the job done.



In a documentary format, we transcribe the interviews and use them to build scripts for your review. Movies have three important storytelling layers: the script, the visual story, and the music. The script is the backbone. For documentary stories, we build the visual story and the music on the script.



Movies are stories transformed into sensory experiences. Once the script is approved, we have the story arc to create that sensory experience. Everything we do serves the story. We use all the tools necessary: animation, motion graphics, sound design, logo treatments, color correction, story editing. 



Once we’ve agreed on creative direction, characters, and script, we give you three drafts of your movie—a rough cut, a fine cut, and a final cut—to review and request changes. Each of these is an opportunity for you to tell us what’s working and what’s not. Each time you submit your detailed notes, we respond with a new version for your review. After your notes on the final cut, we deliver your show final.



We deliver your movie in any and all digital formats requested at the beginning of the project. We can produce any format, aspect ratio, or pixel ratios. Just tell us what you need when we start your project. Upon final payment, we deliver a hard drive with all the raw footage. You’ll own it as well as your final movie.



We can tour your film at film festivals with supporting events, create social media campaigns, plan private screenings (for one to twelve people), or create live storytelling events that build up to the screening of the film. Or we can simply hand off the film to your team to distribute. It is up to you!