Purpose-Driven Film Studio, Specializing in CSR Storytelling

is in our DNA

At Soulcraft, we believe in the transformative power of film to forge deep connections in humans.

Our specialty lies in creating purpose-driven films. These powerful films not only resonate with audiences but also amplify your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

We are here to help today’s forward-thinking brands that aren’t just selling products or services; they’re nurturing customer and employee relationships based on shared values and a commitment to positive social impact.

In short, we believe that (in the right hands) business is a force for good.

what we do best

Branding And Strategy Mobile

Strategic Storytelling

One of our superpowers is understanding your audience and your desired outcomes then capturing that alchemy in an authentic story that moves people emotionally and logically towards the change you seek to make.

“Soulcraft has a remarkable ability to identify the essence of a story, then turn the vision into reality. I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to work through the inevitable challenges and touch hearts with such authenticity, thoughtfulness and unparalleled beauty.” – Heidi de Laubenfels, Woocheen Director of Communications

Film And Photography Mobile

Remote Production

Adventure is in our DNA. We bring stories to life in the most remote and challenging locations around the globe. Our skilled team is equipped to capture the essence of any environment, ensuring your message is not just heard, but felt, no matter where it takes us.

“Soulcraft is the most dedicated and professional team I have worked with, always going above and beyond the call of duty. They produced a stellar documentary for us which required them to work internationally with an incredibly diverse range of people and across cultures. They didn’t just make a film about the project, they got involved in the heart of it through thick and thin.” – Dr. Abdullah Rothman, Project Manager, United Arab Emirates

Creative Campaigns Mobile

Audience Activation

Our event and campaign films turn viewers into fervent supporters. They don’t just capture attention; they galvanize participation, action, and commitment.

“Soulcraft’s work has truly motivated community philanthropy and elevated it to new levels in Greater Seattle.” – Mary Grace Roske, Chief Brand Officer, Seattle Foundation


Web Design And Development Mobile

Measuring Change

We don’t just tell your CSR story; we prepare for impact. By establishing early metrics with our clients, we demonstrate effectiveness through methods like increased community engagement, enhanced brand perception, and real-world results like policy shifts or business growth.

“EPIC has finally raised the capital we need to fully support our international conservation and humanitarian projects. We couldn’t have done that without Soulcraft Allstars’ storytelling.” – Adam Brown, Co-Founder & Lead Biologist, EPIC