Seattle Sounders
& Seattle Foundation


Communication challenge/opportunity: GIVE BIG is an annual day of giving. The Seattle Foundation and Seattle Sounders needed a way to get people’s attention and motivate two audiences to give: 40,000+ soccer fans and nearly 4 million people in the Seattle metro area who may or may not be soccer fans. The problem was telling an authentic story without alienating community partners or non-soccer fans.

Goal: To reach 40,000 soccer fans and nearly 4 million non-soccer fans and get them to feel the importance of the day of giving—and then to get them to give big.

Strategy: We decided to tell a true story rooted in emotions that transcended soccer. We found a 6-year-old girl who had Type 1 diabetes who looked up to soccer star Jordan Morris. (Jordan is an elite athlete with Type 1 diabetes and has a foundation dedicated to helping people with diabetes.) We had her write a letter to him, filmed it, and recorded her reading her letter.

Results: The film and the campaign were both a huge success: The film was played in front of 40,000 people live and then on TV and in a Facebook campaign; $19 million dollars was raised.

Campaign: This was the fifth GIVE BIG for which we helped tell stories; more than $100 million dollars has been raised.


Aaron Straight and team really know how to engage, inspire, and move people to action. Each year for the #GiveBIG campaign they are faced with telling a story that shares a relevant and urgent need that also encompasses the spirit, integrity, and tenacious character of our community. Aaron’s personal commitment to creating a quality piece that resonates with all audiences is inspiring to watch. It starts with building strong relationships and a unique and unparalleled passion for the community. Each video has delighted viewers, always exceeding the year before by over a 20% increase in views! Amazing work! We are grateful for his partnership and for all the countless hours donated to spark impact and giving for our hard-working non-profits.
— Erika Klinger, Director of Marketing, The Seattle Foundation