Overlake Medical Center

Communication challenge/opportunity: For each of the past six years, Overlake Medical Center has asked us to address a new topic (mental health, cancer treatment, emergency services, heart and vascular, mother and baby) to help raise money for this important community hospital. Each audience is unique, yet each year the medical center needs to raise significant support to fund each service offered to the community.

Goal: To move unique audiences each year to give upwards of $1 million per event.

Strategy: Each year we take a deep dive into the subject matter, meeting with hospital staff and patients to understand the challenges and the goals. Each year we determine the most powerful story, characters, format, and delivery to best move the audience to give. What works for mental health does not work for cancer, and what works for heart and vascular does not work for mother and baby. It is a wonderful challenge that we look forward to each year.

Results: We have helped Overlake Medical Center raise more than $6 million toward the services it provides the community. But the stories don’t stop at the events. We have built long-lasting relationships with patients, nurses, doctors, and staff to get better at our job each year.


We have had the privilege of partnering with Aaron and his talented team to help tell the story of Overlake Hospital’s commitment to our patients for the past six years. Aaron takes a fresh approach with each project and is able to quickly convey a story that will be the most compelling and emotional to our event audiences. The imagery is always beautiful, and the storytelling is spot on. He listens and responds to our needs and works very well with our various team members, including staff, co-chairs, and physicians. We look forward to working with him again this year.
— Molly Sterns, Chief Development Officer, Overlake Medical Center Foundation