Seattle Foundation

Communication challenge/opportunity: How do we tell our story? We represent hundreds—if not thousands—of non-profits. How do we tell a powerful story that shows our mission without upsetting many of our partners?

Goals: To raise the Seattle Foundation’s overall visibility in the community it has served from behind the scenes for decades. To attract younger organizations to the Seattle Foundation community. To show that Seattle Foundation understands the challenges it faces yet remains hopeful and hardworking.

Strategy: We proposed telling this story without words. We proposed a purely visual story that would focus on the pride we all feel for our beautiful community as well as our real concerns about growing inequality. We felt that ending on a positive, hopeful note was important but that it needed to be balanced with sober reality.

Results: The 30- and 60-second versions have been used at every major Seattle Foundation event for the past four years. The short versions have been featured on the homepage of the Seattle Foundation for two years.

Campaign: This short video played a small part in helping the Seattle Foundation invest $1 billion dollars in our community and raise $100 million in its annual day of giving alone.


Aaron’s talent and collaboration have fueled the growing brand awareness and community impact of Seattle Foundation for many years. Inspired by his creative and compelling work, people have become more generous, compassionate, and invested members of our community. His work has truly motivated community philanthropy and elevated it to new levels in Greater Seattle.
— Mary Grace Roske, Chief Brand Officer, Seattle Foundation